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janitorial cleaning in Southfield

I recently done some cleaning in Southfield, MI and I don’t know what it is about kids about hiding trash, but they always find a new place to put their trash. Since the school year is coming to an end. I had flip this desks upside down and I saw graffiti and wads of gum under the tables. Gum under desks as well. Wads of tissue paper on the ceiling. Graffiti on the bathroom walls. It just kept getting worse and worse. This was a dirty job. But I’m glad it’s done now.

Commercial Cleaning Service In Farmington Hills, MI

Sometimes some businesses choose to do the cleaning themselves. CEOs have to make an decision on whether to sub-contract or do the cleaning themselves. Ever company wants to save money, as well as bring more money to there business. Companies may think that they will be stuck with a sub-contractor or may not need janitorial service on a regular basis. Team Go Janitorial Cleaning offers cleaning on regular basis and we also offer one-time cleaning. The important issue to look at is how much more business you are bringing in and having a professional cleaning company doing the job correctly the first time. In the long run, commercial cleaning service is an investment for the future. Continue reading

Janitorial Cleaning Service in Farmington Hills, MI

Recently, we just finished cleaning an office in Farmington Hills, MI. An worker ask me what we doing because the place looked relatively clean. I explained to her that even if you throughly dust this place daily, dust will still settle somewhere else in here. Like behind doors or smudges on windows. I explain you want to prevent dust before it gets out of hand.

I said, “Look above you”.

She looked at the ceiling an was shocked.

She saw that dirt, cobwebs, etc. on the ceiling.

I said, “Now look at the carpet”.

She looked at it and didn’t notice anything.

I said, “If you look more closely, you’ll see mud, dust, and footprints of people coming and going out of this office. You probably never noticed it because you work here everyday”.

Now you see it. Now you don’t. Dust settles and doesn’t leave EVER.

Microscopic image of a dust particle

Janitorial Cleaning Service in Ferndale

Our Janitorial Cleaning Service in Ferndale was great! What a wonderful city this is! Everything is so clean and neat! The people were very polite as well. Our company went out the other day to provide some carpet cleaning at an house that looked amazing on the inside. The interior was stupendous, it seem liked I took a step back in time. I saw wonderful pieces of artwork and statues as well. I would have loved to have stayed and chat with the client after we had finished but I still had more work to do. I’m sure I’ll see him again because he was pleased with our service. I enjoyed meeting new people everyday. It can become challenging at times, but days like today makes me love what we do.
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Janitorial Cleaning Service In Southfield

Recently, our company was asked to do a bid for this office building in Southfield, MI. The place was filthy when I arrived there, and said they were disappointed with the company they have now. They had hired this company called 10 Janitor. Now this is where it get funny. The company that hired them thought they were getting 10 Janitors for the price of $10.00 per hour. Instead, they got one janitor cleaning this office building by himself for $10.00 an hour. His work was horrible and he never completed anything. He even left some of his trash behind. It was obvious to me that this individual just wanted a job and not run a cleaning business.
When it comes to cleaning, it’s more about what benefits the company offers as oppose to price. Make sure you know what you are getting before hand. After we came in and clean up the place, they decide to keep us. Everyone’s happy now. As for 10 Janitor…that’s another story for another time.
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Team Go on Customer Service

Cleaning is a time consuming job. It takes a lot of hard work to do it correctly. Sometimes, I’ve notice people get into a routine of just cleaning the same spots. Generally, they clean areas where the most traffic is. Then dust start collecting where other people don’t notice such as ceilings, corners behind doors, smudges on walls, etc. Team Go tries to make sure everyone stays on top of this. Everyone must do their part in order to keep our customers happy.
Every location is different and I’ve seen them all. Big and small. We know what our customers want and we strive to deliver excellent customer service every time.
I think that’s why we’re the best at what we do, because we guarantee that our customers will be satisfied. Our company make sure that we deliver 100% every time. I’ve seen places where our customers cancelled their previous janitorial service because they were dissatisfied with their service and were skeptical of hiring another company. Time and time again everyone is please with us. People refer us and we get more calls.
Someone once said, “1 good customer will get you 10 leads, while 1 bad customer will have you lose 100 customers”.

How we treat our employees

Disgruntle employees are difficult to deal with. Thank goodness. Our company doesn’t have that problem! Today, I was in this office building and I notice an employee being scream at. The employee just bowed his head in shame and continued to let his boss yell at him. I noticed the employee clinching his jaw, as if he was biting his tongue to prevent him from saying something. As his boss walked away, I heard him muttering something which sounded like, “Just one more check…and I’m leaving this place!”
Just then, I had an epiphany, I knew how both of those individuals felt because I’ve been both the employee and the supervisor before. I know what it’s like to bide your time for a job you may dislike and I know how frustrating it is to deal with lazy employees. I realize that we are all human beings, and everyone needs more than a paycheck as their motivation.
That’s why at Team Go nobody ever quits. Well, unless it has to do with something not job related. Everyone is treated with respect and everyone is encourage to do a better job. I reward people for taking the intuitive to doing tasks that are not required. They love their job and I love them back.

Is your business cleaning?

Is your office/business clean? Our team has been to building after building where clients believed their business wasn’t very dirty. Our goal is to pay attention to cleaning details so our clients can focus on increasing their business productivity. It’s amazing how often I’ve been to businesses that thought they didn’t need a commercial cleaning service. I’ve been to offices with stains in the carpet`and smelly odors. When I come in to do a bid, it’s as if no one notice the stains but me. I guess it’s a gift and a curse to be aware of noticing dust and other small visible trash.
I also understand, a lot of my client are trying to be more cost effective with their business during these tough economic times. This individual wanted his office cleaned, but only wanted it cleaned once a month. Which is fine by me, but this person isn’t going to see much of a difference because of how large the account is. I recommended at least once a week, and twice every other week. He refused and complained my team wasn’t doing a good job all the time. Eventually he cancelled our service. Commercial cleaning is a time consuming job and my team takes pride in our work.
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Just what is Team Go?

Welcome to Team Go first blog post! Phew! It’s been a long road for me to get here. Since this is my first blog post let me tell you a little of what to expect from this blog. I’m going to be giving out some cleaning tips, sharing stories,and what to expect from a cleaning service. So stay connect to us! I also want to know something you guys would like to see or hear. We constantly are striving to excel in our client expectations and focus on your needs. The more feedback the better!

Team Go is a commercial cleaning service by the way. I will go into detail later how we came up with that name later. Don’t forget! Leave the cleaning to us!