Happy Thanksgiving!

It time to call our team after dinner. Call 586 663-0054

So who is going to clean up this mess after the family leaves on thanksgiving? I hope you have somebody willing to chip in because it may be a lot of work ahead of you tonight. I know I personally don’t like working on a full stomach.

To our w


rful staff and family and friends everybody have a great thanksgiving! Tomorrow we promise a better blog update.


Cleaning and cleaning some more!

Recently, we made some changes to our training program. We mostly preferred one on one training for two weeks. Then we decide where our employee would work best. Generally, almost everyone wants a perminent spot. Now we rotate our new staff around other staff members and pair them as a team of two. We feel the approach is more efficacy for not only our staff but our clients as well! Hence the name of our company, Team Go. We strongly believe in team work instead of other cleaning companies approach of using a manager to over see the staff. As both cleaners clean at a location they must back track each other work. We call this the cross-path method. If anything is not cleaned then it fall upon the team responsibly to take displinary action for anything left uncleaned. If the area is clean then both members are rewarded for a job well done. Call us today at 5866630054 today!