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So recently I checked one of our accounts because there was an issue with the community room in this apartment complex. The property manager told me someone was playing with an fire extinguisher and sprayed it everywhere in the room!

I said, “Are you serious?”

She said, “Yes.”

I asked, “How bad is it?”

She replied, “It’s only a little spill. You know, little here and there.”

Up until this point in my life I had never seen the result of what happens with a fire extinguisher (except in the movies) after use. I figured it would be foam everywhere so I brought a wet/dry vacuum for the job. To my surprise it didn’t look like anything I would’ve imagined. It looked like saw dust everywhere in the room.

dust on the tables

dust on the stove...

dust on table and chairs....

dust in the carpet...

I was amazed to see that whom ever the culprit was covered every square inch of this room with dust.

I was upset that someone would even do this, but I just maintained my composure and had the room cleaned immediately.

Look at the results…

removed all the dust out of the carpet...

wiped down all the tables and chairs...

swept and mopped the floors...

dusting off all of the counter tops.

How to strip floor corners in Royal Oak

Recently, we did some janitor work in Royal Oak, MI Cleaning is difficult hard labor at times and we hate it when dirt or wax build up doesn’t come up in corners. So what do you do? Use
this baseboard stripping solution. This spray can works wonders! You simply spray in corners that a floor machine can’t reach and let it solution soak in for about 10 mins. Then use an abrasive scrub brush to pick the solution up (I prefer an Scrub brush on a stick because I really don’t like cleaning on my knees). Finally, use an broom and/or dust mop to sweep to wax build up off the ground.
This project took about 30 mins. because we were doing a long hall way.

Clients Like Excellent Service Over Low Prices

Potential clients do not respond to low prices for their business establishments. Instead, they look for the benefits that comes with the bid. Make sure you cover everything that the client will need as well as cover your expenses in order to make a profit. Offer something extra to support the potential client’s interest to choose your service.
You want the potential client to feel like they are walking away with a steal and they have to have it now! Team Go Commercial Cleaning Service make sure each client is treated like our last and only one left. Sometimes our team stays over because I don’t want them to leave unless the job is done correctly. I want our client satisfied every time we come into their building.
It’s important both sides walk away happy. I once heard, the client and the company both need to be happy in order to make a business to work. Everyone is happy in our team including our clients. We have clients that are pleased with our service all over southeast Michigan. Including Detroit, Southfield, Ferndale, and other cities.

Janitorial Cleaning Service in Ferndale

Our Janitorial Cleaning Service in Ferndale was great! What a wonderful city this is! Everything is so clean and neat! The people were very polite as well. Our company went out the other day to provide some carpet cleaning at an house that looked amazing on the inside. The interior was stupendous, it seem liked I took a step back in time. I saw wonderful pieces of artwork and statues as well. I would have loved to have stayed and chat with the client after we had finished but I still had more work to do. I’m sure I’ll see him again because he was pleased with our service. I enjoyed meeting new people everyday. It can become challenging at times, but days like today makes me love what we do.
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