Holiday season is the time for cleaning?

With more people coming to your business this holiday season,you are going to need some cleaning done for your home and/or business.

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Can Coke clean your toilet?

Worth watching!

Something nobody likes to do but we do it all the time.

Looks nice…but a lot to clean.

Do you ever think about the amount of time it would take to clean a place like this?

It s almost time for the holidays!

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Alternative products we use that safe and excellent for the environment!

Non-Toxic Cleaner Alternative: Lemon juice works to lighten stains and acts as an anti-bacterial agent. Lemon works great as a natural replacement to bleach in the kitchen or bathroom.

Air Fresheners: Air fresheners, either as a spray or plug-in warming unit, may contain formaldehyde. Formaldehyde can cause damage to the respiratory track, abdominal pain, and nausea.

Non-Toxic Cleaner Alternative: Baking Soda works to absorb smells. Adding a box to your kitchen and bathroom will help eliminate unpleasant odors. Adding potted flower plants around your home will give rooms a pleasant smell.

Abrasive Powder Cleaners: Abrasive cleaners like Comet may contain Chloroform. Chloroform is known to irritate the tissue around the nose, mouth, and eye areas. In large doses Chloroform may also cause liver damage.

Non-Toxic Cleaner Alternative: Due to its gritty texture, Baking Soda works as an abrasive cleaner on mildew stains, bathtubs, and counter tops.

Drain Cleaners: Drain cleaners, either sold as a liquid or a gel, may contain both lye and hydrochloric acid. Lye is a skin irritant, and is potentially fatal if swallowed. Hydrochloric acid may burn the eyes, nose, skin, and mouth. It may also burn the lungs if inhaled.

Non-Toxic Cleaner Alternative: A combination of Baking Soda and vinegar works to remove clogs naturally. To use, pour one cup of Baking Soda in the clogged drain followed by one cup of vinegar. Wait for thirty minutes and run hot water through the drain.

Ammonia: Ammonia, like bleach, is a common household product used either in its pure form or found in other cleaners, such as window cleaners and bathroom products. Ammonia may cause damage to the respiratory tract. In high doses, Ammonia may also cause pulmonary edema, a potentially fatal condition where the lungs fill with liquid.

Non-Toxic Cleaner Alternative:: Vinegar works similar to Ammonia. Vinegar can clean countertops, remove stains, and shine windows without streaking.

Works all the time

Cleaning and cleaning some more!

Recently, we made some changes to our training program. We mostly preferred one on one training for two weeks. Then we decide where our employee would work best. Generally, almost everyone wants a perminent spot. Now we rotate our new staff around other staff members and pair them as a team of two. We feel the approach is more efficacy for not only our staff but our clients as well! Hence the name of our company, Team Go. We strongly believe in team work instead of other cleaning companies approach of using a manager to over see the staff. As both cleaners clean at a location they must back track each other work. We call this the cross-path method. If anything is not cleaned then it fall upon the team responsibly to take displinary action for anything left uncleaned. If the area is clean then both members are rewarded for a job well done. Call us today at 5866630054 today!

Clients Like Excellent Service Over Low Prices

Potential clients do not respond to low prices for their business establishments. Instead, they look for the benefits that comes with the bid. Make sure you cover everything that the client will need as well as cover your expenses in order to make a profit. Offer something extra to support the potential client’s interest to choose your service.
You want the potential client to feel like they are walking away with a steal and they have to have it now! Team Go Commercial Cleaning Service make sure each client is treated like our last and only one left. Sometimes our team stays over because I don’t want them to leave unless the job is done correctly. I want our client satisfied every time we come into their building.
It’s important both sides walk away happy. I once heard, the client and the company both need to be happy in order to make a business to work. Everyone is happy in our team including our clients. We have clients that are pleased with our service all over southeast Michigan. Including Detroit, Southfield, Ferndale, and other cities.

Janitorial Cleaning Service in Farmington Hills, MI

Recently, we just finished cleaning an office in Farmington Hills, MI. An worker ask me what we doing because the place looked relatively clean. I explained to her that even if you throughly dust this place daily, dust will still settle somewhere else in here. Like behind doors or smudges on windows. I explain you want to prevent dust before it gets out of hand.

I said, “Look above you”.

She looked at the ceiling an was shocked.

She saw that dirt, cobwebs, etc. on the ceiling.

I said, “Now look at the carpet”.

She looked at it and didn’t notice anything.

I said, “If you look more closely, you’ll see mud, dust, and footprints of people coming and going out of this office. You probably never noticed it because you work here everyday”.

Now you see it. Now you don’t. Dust settles and doesn’t leave EVER.

Microscopic image of a dust particle